Our Vision

To create a scalable standard for quantitative
research on an open and fair ground.

About Us

Alphien is an interactive platform for quantitative developers to create investment strategies, that would be accessible and potentially adopted by institutional investors and asset managers.

Our aim is to match talents with the growing demand for personalized and innovative investment solutions. By providing the data and tools of an established hedge fund to our community of users, we break the barrier of entry for conducting activities which used to be the exclusivity of financial institutions. Alphien is leveraging on the technology developed and used by experienced quantitative strategists and traders over the last 10 years to democratize the access to quantitative finance.

Alphien’s community has grown rapidly since its inception in February 2018. The community includes finance professionals, academic professors, PhD students and quantitative developers worldwide. We facilitate interactions among our community by providing multiple communication channels and collaboration tools, and rewarding users who actively contribute to grow the quantitative research community.

We connect our community of users with the financial industry by hosting competitions on our platform: we offer financial institutions the possibility to submit their investment ideas to our community by launching and sponsoring competitions. The winners producing the best strategies will be rewarded by the sponsors and earn licensing fees.

We are headquartered in Paris and have operations in Singapore too.