Missing values problem while submitting

created on 2021-02-02 17:29:14

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Yongcheng · 1 month ago


Can you have a look at this forum post and see if it resolves your issue? It should be related to the user Petitfort's comment.


20205749 · 1 month ago

Thank you !

20205749 · 1 month ago


I tried all instructions and it works well with the EW payout. But for the GMV Payout i got another error while executing my code (The same payout GMV proposed by M. Clauss in the last publication). Here is it :

myPayout_GMV = function(features)


 df = getTickersGlobalAllocationChallenge()

 bbLive = subset(features, tickers=df[df$field=="bb live", "ticker"], fields="bb_live")

 bbLive = bbLive@pxs


 # Covariance matrix

 n <- ncol(bbLive)

 T <- nrow(bbLive)

 e <- rep(1, n)

 returns <- matrix(0, T, n)

 for (j in 1:n) returns[, j] <- Delt(bbLive[, j], type = 'arithmetic')

 Sigma <- cov(returns[2:T,]) * (T - 1) / (T - n - 2)

 # Empirical constrained GMV with no short selling and a maximum weight of 0.2 by asset

 # min(-d^T b + 1/2 b^T D b) with the constraints A^T b >= b_0

 dvec <- numeric(n)

 # Constraints of sum of the weights equal to 1 and weights between 0 and 0.2

 Amat <- cbind(e, diag(1, n, n), -diag(1, n, n))

 bvec <- cbind(1, t(numeric(n)), t(rep(-0.2, n)))

 omega <- solve.QP(Sigma, dvec, Amat, bvec, meq = 1)$solution

 signal = xts(x = matrix(0, nrow(bbLive), ncol(bbLive)), order.by = index(bbLive))

 for(i in 1:T) signal[i, ] = omega

 colnames(signal) = df[df$field=="bb live", "ticker"]



# recreate object using this

portAllocation = portfolio(as.list(allocation[allocation$field=="bb live", "ticker"]))

# payout only added after above line is ran

portAllocation = payout(portAllocation, myPayout_GMV)

portAllocation = eval(portAllocation, zoom="2004::2015")

backtest(portAllocation, tc=0.01, rebalancePenalty=0.02, rebalancePenaltyPerAsset=FALSE)

portTest = portfolio.createMissingData(portAllocation)


portTest = eval(portTest)



Error in solve.QP(Sigma, dvec, Amat, bvec, meq = 1): NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 1)

Yongcheng · 1 month ago

This looks like the payout is failing when there is missing data. You will have to debug the payout function itself as the below doesnt work.


Ls · 1 month ago

Please note that your payout function is returning an allocation for each of the underlying asset, on of the requirement of a payout is that it shouldn't have any "NA", if you have as an output a "NA", then while the strategy is being tested we do not know the allocation to put of NA. Please refer to the documentation :


for more explanation on a payout. A payout output should be valid allocation for every single day (in whatever manner you are getting to the allocation).

I hope that helps and clarifies. Thanks.